Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo-be-lee Zoo-be-lee Zoo

Mark and I have always been day trippers. Day trips to Maine, Newport, Boston, etc! No destination under 4 hours is too far! We appreciate all that the quiet corner has to offer here in Connecticut; however, we also enjoy escaping for the day!

Now that we are momma and poppa as Kingston one day will call us, day tripping has changed. I now panic that I'll forget his sunblock and hat, and won't have enough diapers. We recently had a lovely day trip to Roger Williams Zoo, in RI. A location we visited quite often last year as the bean was growing. A place we hope to do many day trips to throughout the summer, fall, and yes, even in the winter. Thanks to the very generous Grammie, who gave us a membership for the Roger Williams Zoo. Oddly enough, Mark and I are not animal lovers, well, in the house anyways. So, frequent trips to the zoo can cure that "oohhh, look a puppy" sensation. We want Kingston to be passionate, and caring about animals, we just don't want them sleeping his in bed.

We visited the wildebeest, monkeys, elephants, geese, bald eagles, and our favorite, giraffes. As Mark pushed the baby up the hill by the giraffes, I was explaining to Kingston that the daddy had come out and he was snugglin on the baby - Kingston was giggling hysterically - it was beautiful. I'm not sure he knew what I was talking about, but one day he will... and he'll remember all the great trips to the zoo with momma and poppa.

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JonJon'sMom said...

Sounds like a great day! I can't wait to take Jon Jon there!