Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

We don't do football, therefore we don't do superbowl sunday. We don't do much television either, therefore we don't do superbowl sunday commercials. We do however see Superbowl Sunday as an opportunity to get out of the house and frequent places with the possibility of a little less congestion. Two years ago we went to Boston, I remember being thrilled at the idea of being able to park in downtown crossing (without having to pump the meter, b/c it was sunday!). We considered Maine; however, we got off to a late start, so decided to head south...

We went to Friendly's for lunch. I love sharing with my boys; however I was starving and opted that each person, big and small would get their own meal - great choice! Kingston colored as we waited for our food, he even bit off the top of the crayon, leaving a blue residue on his teeth, I just finger sweeped in and took it out, as if I had done it before. Despite his crayon biting action, he loves coloring!

Anyways, Kingston had chicken fingers & mandarin oranges.. mark and I had "big people" sandwiches. A sandwich I wasn't interested in sharing... sometimes it's okay to be selfish! Kingston's chix fingers was well worth the $5.49, considering he got a cup with lid & straw. He's tried a sippy cup with straw before and just couldn't suck hard enough to get the fluid out, i "primed" it and well, it was no easy feat. That sippy cup is sitting in the cabinet... WAY in the back! Well, lets just say he mastered the sucking on the straw today, he was SO excited he sucked so hard that he got WAY to much milk in his little mouth, if it wasn't for the see-through container, i would have been convinced he drank more than half. And then he opened his mouth and let it all pour out. I suppose I'd do the same thing the first go-round with a straw. We transfered the rest of the contents into the infamous sippy cup (without straw!). Then the waitress came and asked about desert! Sweet, I thought, we ordered Kingston a "Monster Mash Sundae". He's a monster, and it's sunday! :) how appropriate! It was delicious, Kingston would agree! We shared it, and if you read my last post you know Mark and I just celebrated 5 years... well, I learned something new today, he doesn't like Mint Choc. Chip Ice cream... one may think that's a crime, however, I'm okay with that... it's one less boy i had to share ice cream with today! Just goes to show, we are still learning new things about one another.... life is good!

Our day was then followed up by a trip to the mall, a sure cure for cabin fever while we experience weather in the teens and freezing wind chill temps! I even let Kingston play in the "play" area at the mall, complete with a ride on the train. And that's my new lesson... how to explain to my toddler that playing for 20 minutes is long enough, and ONE ride is enough? Poor thing had a fit afterwards, and it broke my heart to walk away with him crying. He doesn't understand one ride, and has no concept of time, if I let him guide the trip to the mall, we'd still be there, hiding under the tunnels, in hopes the security guard doesn't find us, giggling as we poke our heads around the corner of the playhouse! As parents we are challenged, as parents of a very inquisitive, curious toddler we are challenged daily. I think for now we may just avoid "those" areas. :)

Speaking of "Life is Good" - i had my shirt on today, a classic life is good with a starfish. As kingston played in the kids zone at the mall, this slim four foot lil girl came over, read my shirt out loud "life is good?" and then smiled! I was amazed! I said, "WOW, you can read?!" she replied "well yes, i'm almost 6!" and i sat there dumbfounded! She looked about 4-5 and well, she was a little person! Little people amaze me! I couldn't help but wonder when kingston will read. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Amazing Years!

I decided today was as good as any day to get back in the groove of blogging, only problem is, I haven't any good daytripping stories to write about! I'm going to make an honest effort to blog our trips from this day forward!

In the meantime, I'll recap the past few months.

Kingston turned one in November! How exciting. My baby is a toddler, he toddles, he babbles,... actually he runs! he screams! We threw him a big bash at ccc, where 30 of our close friends & family came to celebrate the day with us.

We celebrated my birthday in December, with a trip to Boston! We had a fabulous time. Stayed at the Sheraton located adjacent to the Prudential Center - had an oversized room, with an oversized bed, with nothing but time on our side. We started the weekend off with the Childrens Museum - what a spectacular place, bubbles, shadows, water, cars, golf balls, dress up, and kingstons favorite, the car to drive.

Then we visited the Boston Science Museum - where we tried to avoid crowds and see as much as we could. We learned about old trains, engines, dinosaurs - and we had mac & cheese for lunch, while looking out onto the Charles River.

Kingston also rode the MBTA "T" for the first time. He was fascinated by the train, I'm not surprised, considering he gets to see the train 2 times everyday as it passes by our house. He rode the train... and we also carried his stroller up & down several flights of stairs - all in avoidance of having to drive the car or take a taxi while in the city - mission accomplished, mom and dad even worked up a little sweat!

We had dinner at cheers; although everyone didn't know our name. And afterwards we poked around Quincy Market / Fanueil Hall, enjoying a beautiful winter night with the family.

The following day we went to Franklin Park Zoo on my birthday. I'll be the first to admit, times have changed, but it's what i wanted - the day with my family, enjoying the simple things in life. I LOVE the FP Zoo. I love the gorilla exhibit, i love the giraffes, I love it all! We left just in the nick of time, as we loaded up the car, it began to rain! That didn't stop us from having a delicious lunch at the infamous Purple Cactus in JP. I can still taste the steak burrito, it was SO delicious I'm anxiously awaiting our next trip to JP, I mean the zoo.... so I can frequent there again!

And well, lets fast forward to today. The 5th year celebration of Mark & I's relationship. Our union. Our partnership. Our commitment to one another.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my days, traveling with my two guys. Be it around town or around the world... as long as I have them, my life is complete.